While access to education for girls has increased in Kenya, wide disparities remain in poorer rural communities like those served by Flying Kites. In our district, girls are at significant risk for dropping out of school due to early pregnancy, sexual and gender-based violence, and cultural misconceptions about an educated girl’s potential to contribute to the livelihood of her family and community.

Girls United (Wasichana Pamoja ) empowers and supports female students and young women in our rural district to stay in school, stand up for their rights, plan for their future, and become confident agents of change for themselves, their families, community, and country. Through a multidimensional program of workshops, mentoring, community-building, and service opportunities, Girls United helps to combat the biggest risks and misconceptions associated with girls dropping out of school in Kenya.


  • Mentorship & Guidance Counseling

  • On-going My Body, Myself Training

  • Comprehensive Sex Education

  • Access to Sanitary Pads and Self-Care Workshops

  • Leadership Training and Opportunities to Serve the Community