The goal of our Teacher Training Institute is to help educators ensure that their students are able to achieve foundational levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy, while developing student-centered learning environments that foster inquiry-based learning and promote critical thinking.

Measuring our impact:

Our Teacher Training Institute follows a three-year progressive model by which teachers learn increasingly advanced pedagogical skills, receive individualized coaching to confidently activate their new skills in the classroom, and ultimately serve as mentors and role models in the teacher community.

In early 2018, we worked with school leaders to assess the fundamental skills and capacity of teachers in our partner schools and launched the pilot year of our Institute with a cohort of 27 teachers. Throughout the year, in partnership with the Dignitas Project, coaches evaluated teachers on 12 skills to gauge proficiency in key focus areas – such as the implementation of student assessments to evaluate student progress, setting academic goals in collaboration with students, and preparation of class materials to maximize time for instruction. Baseline evaluations concluded that only 12% of our cohort scored as overall Proficient (a score of 50-75 on a 100-point scale). Following a year in our program, our end-line assessments found that every participant made improvements across the instructional areas, and 67% of teachers demonstrated overall proficiency and have graduated to the second year of our program.

For a full copy of the report, please contact Debra Shapira. To see descriptions for each category, click here.


Baseline Assessment of
Teachers Jan. 2018:

End-line Assessment of Teachers March 2019:

Before Flying Kites, many of us had not received any professional development since going to college. Even though I’ve been a teacher for a long time, I know that I still have new things to learn. I hope my students will always think this way and strive to get better.
— Pharis Mwangi, Head of School, Tulaga Primary
The Teaching Institute has changed everything. All of our teachers were scrambling for forms to apply to this year’s program. It has changed our perception of learners and allowed us to look at each child as an individual. We can then open up and address challenges better.
— David Ndirangu, Head Teacher, Chania Primary School