Teacher Training Institute

Our commitment to investing in our teachers has transformed our classrooms. But just outside of our campus are under-resourced public schools struggling to provide students with the fundamentals of a primary education, and teachers who instruct as many as 70 students per class, and who lack access to the kind of resources and training that fosters and improves their own basic teaching skills. Through our Teacher Training Institute, we are working to equip rural Kenya’s teachers with the tools they need to improve student outcomes.

With a combination of training summits and personalized coaching, and in partnership with Dignitas, our model supports local public school teachers to develop student-centered learning environments, emphasize critical thinking and creativity, and introduces strategies and resources to help move more students out of poverty.

In 2018, we are partnering with 4 schools and a total of 25 teachers, who work with more than 2,900 students. Within the next five years we aim to expand this program to partner with 40 schools, reaching a total of 450 teachers who collectively instruct nearly 30,000 primary school students in rural Kenya’s public primary schools.