Access to a high-quality education delivered by determined, informed, inspired teachers is one of the most effective ways to alleviate suffering, increase gender equality, and promote economic sustainability.

Throughout 2018, our model school - the Flying Kites Leadership Academy - is launching Njabini's first Teacher Training Institute in order to partner with our district's most impoverished primary schools to build the capacity of local teachers and help move more children out of poverty.

At Flying Kites, we value teachers as a critical factor in improving student outcomes. Unfortunately, many teachers in rural Kenya lack access to programs designed to foster and improve their own basic skills and students often leave Class 8 without the fundamentals of a primary education.

In order to share our model and increase our impact, our approach to teacher training will emphasize the Whole Child Model while helping educators to develop student-centered learning environments, emphasizing critical thinking and creativity within the classroom, and introducing innovative strategies and resources to improve student outcomes.

Collaborative Impact: In addition to teacher training, we recognize that there are other significant barriers to learning within our region that students face – hunger and access to clean water to name just a few – and our select public and private partnerships will help our partners schools to implement lunch programs, construct water and sanitation facilities, and develop child protection policies; so that thousands more children have the chance to be healthy, safe, engaged, challenged and supported.


The Charles Wickham Academic Center


This multipurpose, state-of-the-art facility will serve as home to our Teacher Training Institute, while also providing space to facilitate the expansion of the Flying Kites Leadership Academy.