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At Flying Kites Academy, we meet the needs of the Whole Child.

By sponsoring a student at Flying Kites, you can help us ensure that all of the students we serve are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Joining the FK Student Sponsorship Family is a great way to see your impact while following the journey of one of our students.


I have seen first-hand the opportunities that education can bring, but...

My roots are in Senegal & Mali. I've lived in the U.S. long enough, however, to be bothered by all the "adopt a child" campaigns which are meant to tug at heart strings but instead make me cringe. This campaign where I don't know who the child is - meaning I don't need to see a stereotypical face of poverty is the first appeal I've ever responded to. Flying Kites gets it. They understand that there is no need for performative poverty. Children need education. All children. And Flying Kites offers that. No gimmicks. I'm proud to sponsor a student.



What is NJABINI?  Njabini is the name of the town where our school is based, but it's more than that. Njabini is an inspiration, a community of people who stand up for the rights of their kids, and a community of people who go the extra mile to help make sure that their neighbor's children can thrive alongside their own. 

We want you to be a part of NJABINI, and if you sign up today to sponsor a student, you will be (and you will have this amazing soft-like-blankey sweater to prove it!) Read more about the FK Student Sponsorship Family >>