Hungry students cannot be expected to learn, no matter how dedicated the teacher or inspiring the class. 

Help us build our new cafeteria by saving a seat or reserving a whole table in our lunch room. This space, which will double as our Teacher Training Center, will be able to provide 200+ students with three nutritious meals - every school day.  You can learn more about this transformative building by clicking here. Save your seat below, and we will send you a photo of a student who you helping and replace their school photo with an old school photo of yours!





The high distinction of "Head Cook" in this campaign will be awarded to two supporters who have contributed 250,000 USD towards the construction of the Pamoja Building.  Contact us to discuss making a transformative gift to our capital campaign.


Supporters seated at our Founders Table have committed 50,000 USD towards the construction of our Pamoja Buildings. Contact us to help change the lives of thousands of students teachers, and reserve your spot at this table.