We provide high-quality care to orphaned children who had no safe alternative for care, in addition to vulnerable children who were removed from dangerous living circumstances. 


The Flying Kites Home was started when a little boy living in an overcrowded orphanage in the slums of Nairobi challenged our team to see him as a child, and not as an orphan. Orphans need bowls of rice. Children need families, people to invest in the quality of their education and the possibility of their dreams. They need nourishment and inspiration and adventures and security.

Located a few miles from our primary school, we run a home for orphaned children who were unable to remain safely within the wider community, which means that many of the children who live at our site have been the victims of physical/sexual abuse, or were previously homeless.  

Once at Flying Kites, children who have suffered immensely are able to work towards healing with help from our caring house-parents and live-in social worker. We care for children who are affected by HIV/AIDS, kwashiorkor, PTSD, and trauma-related challenges. Whenever a safe and constructive option presents itself, we work to reintegrate children with biological family members in the wider community.

We currently care for 37 orphaned, abused or previously-homeless children. The majority of children who come to live at our home have previously suffered from ill health and malnutrition, and early efforts to combat stunting require a holistic approach to intervention.