We've got 20/20 vision.

2017-2020 plans for expansion

  • Flying Kites Leadership Academy

    By 2020, our Leadership Academy will provide 180 vulnerable children a year with a competitive education and holistic support, in addition to serving as a model school for our Teacher Training Institute.

  • Launching Young Adults

    Our goal in the next three years is to expand LaunchPad to provide 350+ at-risk secondary students with access to workshops on health, financial literacy and career readiness, in addition to providing academic scholarships and on-going mentorship.

  • Training Teachers

    By 2020, our Teaching Training Center will be building the capacity of 40 schools, sharing our model with over 450 teachers and their 22,500+ students.

  • Better Together

    Our partnerships with the Kenyan Government, international organizations and community groups will continue to provide our network of schools with to access a wide-range of interventions to improve student outcomes.