Packing List for Machu Picchu 

  • Well worn-in waterproof walking boots : Good quality, comfortable footwear is essential. 
  • Waterproof clothing : A plastic poncho is recommended and can be purchased easily in Cusco. 
  • Small lightweight umbrella : Light umbrellas which pack away to almost nothing can be useful to keep away drizzle. 
  • Plastic bags - to keep your belongings & clothes dry (wrap everything in plastic bags). • Toilet paper 
  • Small towel & basic personal toiletries. There is an opportunity for a shower at the campsite on the third night so bring travel size shampoo and shower gel if you would like to use it, plus wet wipes for the rest of the trek.  
  • Water bottle – Bring 1 large (1.5 liter) or 2/3 small water bottles which can be refilled on the trek with boiled water which will be supplied when it is possible to make camp. 
  • Warm clothing for nights - Fleece, long pants, woolen hat, and gloves • Thermal underwear – If trekking in winter • Walking clothing in layers – e.g. zip off trousers, fleece, T-shirts 
  • Personal medication and first aid kit - Band-aids, blister aid, Imodium, asprin, re-hydration sachets 
  • Camera and spare batteries, memory cards and/or film - There are no electrical outlets on the trek so make sure you fully charge or/and have spare batteries!  
  • Snacks - Chocolates, chips, nuts, protein bars, biscuits, energy bars.  *It's important you bring snacks on your trip, you burn a lot of calories and do a lot of exercise walking the trek.  
  • Torch – (flash-light or headlamp) - this is very important, and spare batteries
  •  Sunscreen, sunglasses and sunhat  
  • Tropical strength insect repellent 
  • Antiseptic hand gel 
  • Swimwear: for hot pools at the Hot springs
  • Flip-flops

Here is another resource that might be helpful when packing.