FLYING KITES LEADERSHIP ACADEMY & TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTE:  In the foothills of Kenya's Aberdare Mountains, the Flying Kites Leadership Academy (FKLA) serves as a center of excellence. Here, critically-poor students receive access to a competitive education, characterized by small classrooms, progressive course material, integrative care, and inspired teachers. In addition to our standard extra-curricular activities, programming at FKLA includes:


LaunchPad provides both FKLA students and FKLA graduates with access to life skills, reproductive health education, and mentorship opportunities.  

Girls United provides students with the tools they need to identify and address gender-based violence at home, at school, and in the community. 


Access to a high-quality education delivered by determined, informed, inspired teachers is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty. Beyond the gates of FKLA exist schools struggling to provide students with the fundamentals of a primary education, largely as a result of teachers who simply lack access to the kind of training that fosters and improves their own basic teaching skills. A recent study found that only 30 percent of teachers in rural Kenya have mastered the curriculum they are teaching and students often leave Class 8 without the fundamentals of a primary education.

At Flying Kites, we value teachers as a critical factor in improving student outcomes and our Teacher Training Institute builds the capacity of local teachers in order to raise the level of education available to vulnerable students throughout rural Kenya. In order to share our model and increase our impact, our approach to teacher training emphasizes the Whole Child Model while helping educators to develop student-centered learning environments, emphasizing critical thinking and creativity within the  classroom. By partnering with schools to support their needs and introduce innovative strategies to address their challenges, thousands more students will have the chance to be healthy, safe, engaged, challenged and supported. 

FLYING KITES SCHOOL NETWORK: The Flying Kites School Network is a cohort of resource-poor public primary schools. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, and in collaboration with select implementing partners, we support schools in our network with intensive interventions aimed at addressing obstacles to learning in the South Kinangop District, such as lack of water and sanitation infrastructure, school meal programs, and teacher training opportunities.


2018 Implementing Partners:

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