At Flying Kites, we value teachers as the most important factor in improving student outcomes, and access to an education delivered by determined, compassionate, skillful teachers is one of the most effective ways to move children out of poverty. Unfortunately, many primary teachers in rural Kenya lack access to programs designed to foster and improve their basic skills. Our teacher training program will emphasize a student-centered approach to teaching and introduce innovative strategies and new resources to improve student outcomes. In partnership with local and international organizations, our teacher training program will provide transformative support to teachers across Nyandarua county and beyond.  

We start our work with a fundamental commitment to investing in teachers, and through our collaborative impact framework, we assemble partners to introduce comprehensive teacher development programs and improve the classroom environment by addressing infrastructure, resource, nutrition, and other obstacles to learning. 

In addition to serving as a regional teacher training center, our high-capacity multipurpose facility fills a gap in the Njabini community and will act as a hub for our growing partnerships with organizations providing a wide-range of services, including livelihood training, micro-finance access and public health initiatives.