Miriam is always the first one to wish everyone a good morning. The hallways of our home are often filled with Miriam’s voice as she belts out the words to her favorite ballads while she dips to the emphasized beats of her song. Miriam is an extremely expressive person and she has a gift for vocalizing her emotions. Her heart is eager and she is always ready to love and to learn. “Keep your eye on the prize,” she will often remind you. Miriam has a way with words and is a talented writer. Anything Miriam puts her mind to, she accomplishes with enthusiasm and passion. She loves everything with a fervent energy and can make you equally excited about anything. Her mind is filled with an endless amount of dreams and excitement for life, and she finds great joy in inspiring others. Whether it be by a high five from her left hand or a jump rope competition, she has a wonderful way of engaging others in anything she does.