Reach the roof of Africa with Flying Kites!

There is no denying that Kilimanjaro is one of the most magical places on Earth. Towering above the plains of Northern Tanzania at 19,341 ft, its beauty is all-consuming. Your 7-day climb follows the Machame Route which offers stunning, 360-degree views and allows for maximum acclimatization. Accompanied by a world-class guide team, your chances of reaching Uhuru Peak have never been better.

Our trips are designed for people who value philanthropy as much as adventure, for those who believe in the philosophy of living life to the fullest while helping others to do the same. Our itinerary begins at Flying Kites where you’ll spend two days learning from our Kenyan team about our work and seeing the impact of your fundraising dollars firsthand. 



- custom dates available-

December 29, 2019 - January 8, 2020

June 2, 2020 - June 12, 2020

PROGRAM FEE:  $2,400


The start date above indicates the date Flying Kites will pick you up from Nairobi at 10AM. Most international flights arrive late at night, so you should plan to arrive the evening before and spend the night in Nairobi. The end date indicates the date you will check out of your hotel in Arusha following your climb. 

* Kilimanjaro participants commit to fundraising to support the Flying Kites mission and programs. Each participant is required to fundraise at least $3,000 prior to their program departure. For creative fundraising tips and ideas, click here; or reach out to to brainstorm!

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