Kennedy says his most admirable trait is his diplomatic disposition. Defender of what is right, you can be sure to find him somewhere mediating a dispute, engendering cooperation between the other children. This endearing quality earns him many friends- to whom he is ever loyal. His favorite pastimes are soccer, meeting new people and listening to music. What inspires Kennedy most, however, is the education provided for him that he asserts will steer him towards the top schools one day.  He plans on attending medical school, as his favorite subjects include physics, biology and chemistry. With his ardent belief in himself, there is no doubt he will achieve all that he pursues! Kennedy is an exceptional person, at only sixteen years old, he is exceedingly wise, a quality evident by the high respect he holds for people of differing creeds and cultures. Embracing all viewpoints, he is a real leader who will have a lasting impact in this world.