Talking to Boston's youth about global poverty

We want to get students excited about opportunities to change the world, from an informed and thoughtful position. Today's students will be tomorrow's leaders, and we can't afford to wait until college or graduate school before introducing them to issues of poverty, philanthropy and social justice. Our 6-week institute gives students the historical and political framework to think about challenges facing the global poor, today.  Our material unravels larger issues through relevant and digestible case-studies, broken down into the three segments below:

  • Haiti: a case study on slavery
  • Kenya: a case study on colonization
  • Pakistan: a case study on sweat shops
  • Race and Gender in the global context

  •  The legacies of bad charity
  • The ethics of representation of a "Third" World 
  • Westernization, imperialism and the exploitation of the poor

  • Community engagement and nonprofit impact
  • Social Enterprise and ethical sourcing
  • What's working and where you fit in