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We are transforming primary education in rural Kenya.

By partnering with communities, educators and government leaders, we are building the capacity of public schools to improve student outcomes.




The Flying Kites
School Network

In partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Education and The Dignitas Project, we support a network of five resource-poor primary schools with our intensive Teacher Training Institute, equipping teachers in rural Kenya with the support they need to facilitate learning and literacy in their classrooms.



Flying Kites Academy

Our Academy is a top-performing school in a region where access to a basic education is not guaranteed. A model school and hub for our community of educators, we pilot interventions at the Flying Kites Academy that form the basis of our work within our Network of Schools.


After years of dreaming and planning, we constructed the Charles Wickham Academic Center, a multipurpose building that includes 7 classrooms, a science and computer lab, and a brand new home for our Teacher Training Institute.


Our gratitude to the supporters who contributed to our Architects of Opportunity Capital Campaign:

Charles L. Wickham
Carolyn Rafaelian


Victoria & Northup Knox

The Foundation To Be Named Later
Melissa Everson & James Steffen
The Conrad Hoffman Trust
Isolde & Gordon Cole
Kate Larson



Ahmad Anani
Steve & Jeanne Anderson
Laurel Barnes & Charles Majewski
Tish Behan
Veronica Swanson Beard
Ashley Bernon
Isabel Besse
Leila de Bruyne
Scott Delman
Deborah Smith Douglas
Katie Douglas Martel & Ryan Martel
The Edie Family
Patty & Jim Gayhart
Sean & Rebecca Griffing
Zachary Haroutunian
The Holden Family
Roberta Januzzi

Peter Keating
Hilary Keates
Katie & Micah Larson
Jade Laktineh
Kenya Connection Club of ACS, UAE
Meg & Laura Mason
The Mountain Family
Emily Neal
Melanie Nielsen
Amy Slutzky
The Swift Family
June Tatelman
Ted & Karen Philip
Debbie Proffitt 
Chris & Tayne Quinn
Joanna Rutter
Sarah Winchester & Steve Curry