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At Flying Kites in Kenya, we are igniting the potential of vulnerable children.

We believe that providing students with access to high­ quality education and holistic support is vital to alleviating suffering, increasing gender equality and promoting economic sustainability. By meeting the needs of the whole child, our integrative programs give students the tools they need to build their best lives and positively impact their families, communities and country.


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EDUCATING STUDENTS: Our Leadership Academy operates as both a boarding and day school, providing a competitive education to students in the wider community, as well as opportunities for temporary housing and care for students who are orphaned and homeless. 

LAUNCHING YOUNG ADULTS: Our LaunchPad Initiative ensures that young people are able to develop healthy relationships, pursue meaningful career paths, contribute to their communities and establish a life trajectory of self-sufficiency. 

TRAINING TEACHERS:  In order to leverage our model and multiply our impact, we are partnering with schools, universities and organizations to host intensive teacher training workshops; working together to improve access to opportunities in education for teachers and students alike.