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At Flying Kites, we believe that education is a path out of poverty and vital to alleviating suffering, increasing gender equality, and promoting economic sustainability.

FK Leadership Academy & Teaching Institute

The Flying Kites Leadership Academy serves as a model school in a region where access to a basic education is not guaranteed. In the foothills of Kenya’s Aberdare Mountains, we provide critically-poor students with a competitive education & integrative support services. Our campus includes a Teacher Training Institute where we equip local teachers with the skills they need to move more children out of poverty.

The Flying Kites School Network

The Flying Kites School Network is a cohort of resource-poor public primary schools. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, and in collaboration with select implementing partners, we support schools in our network with intensive interventions aimed at addressing obstacles to learning in the South Kinangop District, such as lack of: water and sanitation infrastructure, school meal programs, and teacher training opportunities.