Headmaster of the Flying Kites Primary School

The Headmaster serves as an instructional leader of the school and the overseer of campus operations. (S)he implements the educational objectives of the organization to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement, academic excellence, and community support. The Headmaster is the chief administrator and supervisor of the school.

The Headmaster of the Flying Kites School will be in a unique position to develop and lead a team of educators who can deliver a high-level of schooling.  We are looking for a strategic-thinker to hire, train and oversee a staff throughout a phase of intensive growth as we transition from a school that is recognized on a district level to one that is competitive nationally.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: The main functions of the Headmaster’s role will include: hiring, management, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, vision and curriculum implementation.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Assuming ultimate responsibility for the management and operation of the school in accordance with organizational goals, in addition to all legal and administrative policies and regulations

  • Providing instructional leadership that creates, implements, maintains, and enhances excellence, scholarship, and achievement for all students

  • Leading in the development, evaluation, and revision of curriculum and assuming responsibility for the implementation of approved programs

  • Liaise with parents and stakeholders within the community

  • Preparing and supervising the creation of the master teaching schedule and maintaining an efficient office system to support the administrative functions of the school

  • Providing an articulated, consistent education for all students while encouraging staff to develop innovative strategies, techniques and activities

  • Overseeing the evaluation of instructional materials, including textbooks, computer programs, library/media acquisitions, and other instructional materials

  • Supervising the maintenance of individual student records and reports of pupil progress

  • Directing the development of the school’s budget including staffing needs and instructional resources


  • Must hold a Bachelor’s degree

  • Must have extensive experience (3+ years) in a management role at a primary or secondary school

  • Proven leadership ability in school administration, curriculum development, program evaluation, staff development, school improvement, and staff supervision and evaluation

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • A passion for education, social justice and children

  • Be willing to reside in Njabini, Kenya

Email cover letter and resume to careers@flyingkites.org