Take time before you launch into fundraising to learn about Flying Kites; you will be ready to speak naturally and confidently about the work you are supporting and the organization you are representing.

  • Ask. Be willing to ask everyone you know for a donation. Ask more than once and always ask in person if possible (emails are easily forgotten). When you make an ask in person, stop talking once you have asked, even if it means a moment or two of silence. Donʼt apologize for asking on behalf of some of the worldʼs most vulnerable children.

  • Be specific. How can the donor help you? By when do you need a donation in order for it to help you reach your fundraising goal? Do you have a specific goal and how close are you to achieving it?

  • Make it personal. The more you put yourself out there and share your connection to the cause and why it means so much to you, the more your potential donors will feel connected to it, too, which means the more compelled they are to take action.

  • Express gratitude. Thank your donors in a thoughtful and timely way.

  • Matching Gifts: Maximize your donations by asking donors to look into their companyʼs matching gift program; this little step can double the amount raised!

  • Be Creative. Incorporate your fundraising campaign into your email signature, use your Facebook page, and be sure to use the trickle down effect and ask your donors to help you raise even more by sharing your efforts with their networks.



You will create your own personalized fundraising webpage that is easy to share with friends, family, and colleagues while keeping track of your fundraising progress! 

  • You will create your fundraising page through Flying Kites's own fundraising platform powered by Classy.com

  • When you sign up for your Adventure, someone from the Flying Kites team will provide you with instructions for setting up your page and guidance during the set-up process. 

  • We encourage you to add your own photos and appeal to add your own personal twist to your fundraising page. Visit our Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook pages for content.

  • Begin fundraising and have fun!


A personalized email is the best way to get your friends and family to donate to your campaign; mass-emails are far less effective.

Below are examples of emails

Subject Line: I need your help!

Hey _____,

In a few months time, I will be traveling to (insert country) to (insert challenge OR volunteer description) with Flying Kites, an organization that provides a competitive, Whole Child education and access to integrative services for vulnerable students in rural Kenya, inspiring lifelong learners who have the tools to thrive and contribute to their communities as self-sufficient and productive citizens. I am committed to helping Flying Kites provide children in need with an excellent education and I have set a goal of raising (x) for the organization before I leave.

Please considering supporting my efforts by making a donation to my fundraising page (insert hyperlink here) and/or attending one of the upcoming fundraising events I am organizing (expand on details).  To date, I have raised (insert number or percentage of goal) and need your help to reach my final goal. You can help by donating, and also sharing my page with your friends.

On behalf of Flying Kites, and the wonderful children they serve, thanks so much!


 your name
*you may also want to consider explaining what about the Flying Kitesʼ mission is meaningful to you.


Subject Line: I still need your help! Hey ____,

Jane, John, and many others have helped raise $2000 out of my $4000 goal so far! I could really use your support to accomplish this. Join me by visiting my fundraising at (insert fundraising link here).

In gratitude,

your name


Social media is an awesome tool for raising awareness of your fundraising page. Here are a few examples that you can follow.

Flying Kites provides vulnerable students in Kenya with a competitive, Whole Child education and access to integrative services to inspire lifelong learners who have the tools to thrive and contribute to their communities as self-sufficient and productive citizens. I will be joining their team on the upcoming (insert challenge or volunteer trip), but beforehand I have a goal of raising (insert number) for the organization. Will you help me hit my goal? (insert fundraising link)

EMAIL SIGNATURE (this one really helps people get the word out)

Your Name
Your email address
Help me raise funds for vulnerable children in Kenya:  (hyperlink fundraising page)


Consider:  family,  friends, co-workers, employers, Facebook friends, companies, churches, rotaries, sports clubs, schools, universities, and clubs. 

Need more advice?  Check out examples of events that have worked for others!