Host a Dinner Party For Flying Kites

As we prepare to expand our impact in Kenya with the launch of our Capital Campaign, we are building our network and support base through a series of small, informal dinner parties hosted by Flying Kites Ambassadors and donors.  Most Flying Kites cocktail or dinner parties take place in a supporter's house, and the aim of them is to bring together a group of people who have an interest in philanthropy, education, volunteering or traveling.  

Our team is happy to help with logistics, supplying food and wine, and we are always on hand to share the Flying Kites story or answer questions on the night.  No formal fundraising asks are made at these events; it is our goal to increase awareness of our work and establish meaningful connections with likeminded supporters who can choose to participate in our mission in a variety of ways.


Interested in hosting a dinner party for Flying Kites?  Submit your details below, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly!

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