Adults who were malnourished as children earn at least 20% less, on average, than those who weren’t.  

The majority of children who come to Flying Kites have previously suffered from ill health and malnutrition, and early efforts to combat stunting require a holistic approach to intervention. As part of our commitment to health and sustainability, we cultivate large farms on both of our Njabini sites to provide fresh produce for our home and school.   

Our farm has greatly reduced our monthly grocery budget and allowed the Flying Kites family to enjoy cauliflower, spinach, carrots, potatoes, kale and plums.  The children participate widely in both farms and enjoy caring for our chickens, sheep and rabbits and dairy cows.  

We are now ready to do more.  Our 2018 Farm Expansion will introduce fish-farming, bee-keeping and bamboo cultivation in order to introduce new possibilities for self-sufficiency at our school. Our students will continue to learn about agriculture, as we grow more vegetables and fruit and raise more livestock.