The immense beauty of the Khumbu Valley will be forever etched into your soul...


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Wake-up to hear the bells calling the monks to prayer.  Enter the monastery, a stranger in a sea of chanting red robes, and feel momentarily connected to a spirituality that most of us can only hope to experience in our lifetime.  Our trek through Nepal’s Khumbu Valley will leave you full of wonder.  Daily walks through pristine mountain foothills, across bridges dancing with prayer flags, over springs and through ancient shrines into sacred lands will feed both your sense of adventure and restoration.   You will leave with a deep insight into the culture and lives of the Sherpa people, who will welcome you to a unique Nepalese tea house with hot ginger lemon tea and fresh momos, a local dumpling.

There is a reason why Mt. Everest has called to humanity since the dawn of exploration.  







April 1 - 16 2017

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life

- Mary Oliver