Working with some of Kenya's most vulnerable children requires our school to invest a significant amount of resources into helping students thrive.  In addition to providing our students and their families with access to our team of social workers, we are committed to creating a school environment that cultivates a sense of empathy, positive self-efficacy, and social responsibility.  We are constantly seeking to increase the services we provide related to the emotional intelligence and development of our students and we often work with partners to deliver these services.



  • 24-hour access to our social work team
  • Access to our school therapist
  • The ability, encouragement and freedom to participate in the majority of decisions that concern their education and care
  • Access to a wide-range of workshops, guest speakers and inspirational content to expand their minds and develop their sense of opportunity
  • Weekly opportunities to participate in community service
  • An array of imaginative and unique field trips
  • Daily clubs that include meditation, gratitude and goal-setting