Flying Kites School Network

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The World Bank reports that only 35 percent of primary school teachers in rural Kenya have been given the skills they need to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum they teach.


In early 2018, we began our journey to scale our efforts across our district with the launch of The FK School Network, a group of resource-poor public primary schools adopting our model to meet the needs of thousands of students they serve.

At Flying Kites, we recognize that engaged and supported teachers are a critical factor influencing student achievement. While enrollment in primary education has risen dramatically across Kenya in recent years, better access is not adding up to more learning as many students in rural communities remain functionally illiterate or innumerate, despite having completed multiple years of school. Studies from across Kenya’s education sphere point to the undeniable connection between unsupported teachers and underperforming students.

In collaboration with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, and our nonprofit partner Dignitas, Flying Kites operates our district’s first Teacher Training Institute in order to equip teachers from our School Network with the tools they need to improve student outcomes.

2019 Implementing Partners include:

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