In September of 2007, in a small village in rural Kenya, Flying Kites opened its doors to our very first student.  Her name was Miriam. She was six years old and suffering from abject poverty.  As an orphaned child, she lacked the opportunity to attend school and create a better life for herself.

Today, Miriam is sixteen and a leader in her community - smart, empowered, and on the cusp of opportunity - carving a path out of poverty and positively impacting the world around her, every day. Over the past ten years, Flying Kites has been growing right beside Miriam and we are on the cusp of opportunity, too.  We have a chance to help more students like Miriam in a way that fundamentally changes the landscape of poverty. 

We have spent a decade building our model. The Flying Kites Leadership Academy is consistently rated as the top-performing school in our district and our students learn in a holistic, nurturing environment that prioritizes not just academic excellence, but also creativity, critical thinking, and community service. Looking at our classes, you would never guess that our student body is comprised of some of the country’s most urgent cases: orphaned, abandoned, abused, homeless, critically-poor kids who are none of those things when they put on a school uniform. 

If the theme of the last ten years was building our model, the theme for the next ten years will be sharing it. The Flying Kites Capital Campaign lays out a framework for us to leverage our model and multiply our impact.  Our campus expansion will position our school as a center of excellence and through the development of our Teacher Training Institute, we will ensure that some of Kenya's most impoverished schools can join us in creating a path out of poverty for students, families and communities.

Leila de Bruyne I Executive Director

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