I wanted to share this email that I received from a father hoping to secure a scholarship for his daughter.  It came through the "contact us" page on our website.

i am a dad to a family of four children and a wife, Betty. My life had been tough and i missed an opportunity to even accomplish the basic levels of education, something that i would not want befall my daughter or any of my children at this age of time. Due to my background, i have limitations to life opportunities and clear chance for growth. I have only served in the lower cadre of jobs, hence lower earnings. I currently serve with (hotel name omitted) as Laundry attendant. kindly please advise me on how i can bring my children to school.


I can't help but picture my dad writing an email like this. Like this man, he also works hard and would do anything to help me achieve what this man calls "life opportunities and clear chance for growth."

Recently, I've been participating in Charity Warriors, a capacity-building program aimed at helping non-profit professionals magnify their fundraising potential.  This week I am raising money to help secure scholarships for more students at Flying Kites.  If I raise the most, Charity Warriors will award Flying Kites a further 10,000 USD to serve more children.

Help us unlock $10,000 >>

Thank you for your support and for believing in a dad who wants the best for his daughter.  


Virginia Fresne