Ok, we know that this isn't earth-shattering, life-changing, capacity-building stuff, but MAN OH MAN do our kids want to see the ocean.

It all started a couple of years ago, when Phil Besse, a young generous donor who grew up in Cape Cod, sponsored a trip to Kenya's coast for the children in our care.  To this day, the kids talk about it as if it was the most unforgettable, special, magical time in their lives.  It was.

The problem is -- we have doubled the size of our home and school since then... so almost half of our students have not been to the beach - and our house is divided into two groups: those who know the feel of diving into the ocean, and those who do not.... yet.

Sure, we go to the river, but it's not the same.

Don't tell our grant-giving foundations, but we are obsessed with the idea of making this dream a reality before the start of school.  37 kids and our core staff, 4 days on the Kenyan coast.

We won't be moving the needle on any impact reporting... but my god will we laugh, and run, and swim, and nap and eat fresh fruit.

We need about 4,500 USD to make this sneaky field trip happen.  If you believe in fun, if you were ever a child, then please consider making a gift to this unsustainable, un-scaleable, unabashedly awesome fund.