Ann is a genuine leader and a lover of life in every sense. She is a gifted learner in school and is always among the top of her class. Ann is thoughtful in nature and cares deeply for the people in her life. She is inquisitive about the world around her and has openness to her mind and heart. Ann has a strong drive to succeed, and puts her heart into everything that she does. At family meetings, her hand is always raised to respond to questions and she is the first to offer a long list of things for which she is grateful. As one of the oldest girls in the house now, she gives guidance to the other children and often leads family meetings. Ann is the one to whom the younger children go if they don’t understand a math problem or need a word defined, and she helps others to finish their homework long after having finished hers. Ann has a love for movement and enjoys learning yoga and dance. She has a beautiful spirit and a passion for singing.

She once  sang a song and it got a half a million views on Youtube...  see for yourself.