At our primary school, we track student outcomes based on attendance, engagement and exam performance.  We collect baseline data on students at the beginning of each academic year and track their development in reading comprehension and math, using the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and the Early Grade Math Assessment (EGMA).  In addition to monitoring individual student's performance in core subjects, we are committed to developing and capturing our students critical thinking skills, study skills, communication and creativity.

Our secondary school students attend schools across Kenya and our LaunchPad team works with each institution's infrastructure to determine a students' academic progress through: national exams, class placement, school reports/grades, attendance, participation and self-surveys completed by secondary students.


  • Full tuition, school materials, meals, uniform and transport
  • Access to a range of private tutors every weekday evening for 90 minutes 
  • One-one-one evaluations with their teachers every term
  • Access to medical and emotional support
  • Access to classes that do not exceed 25 students
  • An enriched curriculum that includes the arts, sex education, critical thinking, computer classes, cultural field trips and community service
  • An invitation to participate in Student Council to shape their school's services
  • An invitation to join the Kenyan Scouts League
  • Access to individualized learning disability support, as need.